Industry Training

The NW Line JATC offers training for a variety of apprentices, Journeymen, and industry employees.  Class registration is required for all courses and generally limited to 30 days prior to the first day of the course. Classes are subject to change and may be canceled if registration is below 10 participants.

Preregistration required, fees apply

Journeyman Hot Stick Training

This course is limited to Journeyman Linemen (Utility and Construction) who are competent climbers, as most of this training will take place working aloft from the pole in hooks.

Content includes Minimum Approach Distance (MAD), working in the energized zone/proper PPE, selecting and using the appropriate stick/attachments for the job, hot ties – Copper “P”, aluminum 2/3/2 and preforms, proper use of web hoists and hot blocks, simulated high voltage work (energized at secondary voltage) including tying and untying, transferring and spreading phases, dead-ending, cutting in bells/air gaps, splicing and more.

Pole top rescue will be covered along with a review of three-phase transformers including banks, rotation, and paralleling.  EPZ Grounding will be included.

Preregistration required

First Aid / CPR Certification

A mandatory requirement within the electrical industry, this course covers basic first aid and CPR training.  Certifications are valid for two years, however, based on OSHA General Industry Standards, the JATC recommendation for this certification is annual renewal.

Preregistration is required, fees apply

Traffic Control/Flagger Certification

NW Line offers Flagging/Traffic Control Certification courses several times a year at multiple locations. Certifications are valid for 3 years and are a requirement for all apprentices; this certification may also be a requirement for Journeymen to be dispatched in the Four Local Agreement area. Instructors are certified under Evergreen Safety Council and/or Chemeketa Center for Training and Industry.

Fees apply

Crane Training

NW Line JATC provides  the EICA (Electrical Industry Certifications Association) crane certification, a nationally accredited certification.  Certifications are valid for 5 years for both fixed and swing cab cranes.  Course materials, including the recommended online prep course, will be provided 6 weeks in advance.

Candidates will complete a 3-day review and take 3 written exams; the practical exam will be scheduled following the review course and written exams. PLEASE NOTE – this course does not teach how to operate a crane – applicants must have a valid CDL and have experience in equipment operation.  There will be limited practice time.

Utility Apprentice Training

NW Line JATC is pleased to provide apprentice training for our Utility partners. The related training curriculum meets or exceeds recognized academic objectives for a complete program where apprentices train to be a journey-level Lineman.  NW Line JATC Instructors will provide instructional opportunity for the apprentices via curriculum, materials, and laboratory training. Per State and Federal regulations, all instructors meet or exceed the minimum standards for instruction as well as participating in the National Training Institute instructor training with the national Electrical Training Alliance (ETA).

Substation Tech Certification

NW Line JATC is pleased to offer the Substation Tech Certification to qualified Journeymen Linemen and Wiremen.  This certification is a self paced program that offers the substation certification to approved, IBEW recognized Journey level workers in the electrical field.  THIS IS NOT A SUBSTATION APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM

Candidates must be a member of one of the four locals or working within the four local Agreement area.

After completion of necessary documentation, each candidate will be tested for placement as follows:

  1. All candidates will be given a first year qualifying test. If the test is not passed with a minimum score of 70%, the candidate will be placed in the first year and be provided with the necessary text and workbooks. If the candidate scores 70% or above on the first year qualifying test, they will be given a second year qualifying test.
  2. If the candidate does not pass the second year qualifying test with a minimum score of 70%, the candidate will be placed in the second year and provided the necessary text and workbooks. If the candidate scores 70% of above on the second year qualifying test, they will be given a third year qualifying test.
  3. If the candidate does not pass the third year qualifying test with a minimum score of 70% or higher, the candidate will be placed in the 3rd year and be provided with the necessary text and workbooks.
  4. If a candidate passes all three qualifying test, the NW Line JATC will issue a Journeyman Substation Technician Certification and will notify the four Local Unions of the status.

Please review the Substation Tech requirements on the resources page for additional information or contact the JATC office at 360.816.7100.

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